a love note

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Newbie. You are growing inside and you are loved already by a million people. Mamma and Dadda, Brother, Auntie, Grandma & Grandpa, Nana & Papa, Aunts & Uncles… the list goes on.
I hope you can feel this love, I hope you can always feel the love that I have for you. I will spend eternity raising you, teaching you and eventually letting you go to fly on your own. I will be kind and careful, I will be nurturing and stern, I will cater to your sweet spirit and try to help you see those things that are beautiful in this world.
Newbie. My Newbie. I can hardly express my gratitude for you coming to join this little family. We are ready for you, we are anxious for you, we are here for you.
All my love, mamma.
A few notes about this pregnancy so far:
1. I have morning sickness. This is new to me, and not so much fun. 
2. I had a stomach bug that I mistook as REALLY bad morning sickness, 
but then lovingly gave it to Quinn, Eric and my sister, so now I know.
3. I’m exhausted. All the time. No matter what. – With Quinn I was only exhausted in the
third trimester, but I guess this exhaustion now comes from chasing Quinn
around while growing the Newbie. 
4. I struggle even more with the fear that I might have to go back
to work after having this baby. 
I talked a little about this before.
5. The rhinitis is back. Yay!
A few things that I love, but can’t eat/drink right now:
1. Greek Yogurt – it’s a texture thing.
2. Tuna Melts. Because, well you know, the Tuna.
3. Dr. Pepper – Because of the caffeine. Although I did manage to find 
Caffeine free Pepsi for the Super Bowl. Oh happy day!
Pregnancy is a riot. Like the last one I’m going to start up Kelly’s Krazy’s again, 
but this time, they’ll be found right here. Happy almost weekend!

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