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I am doing a serious happy dance right now!!!

So, as you all may or may not know, Google discontinued the use of GFC – Google Friend Connect – for non blogger blogs as of last year – 2012. And of course, I chose to make the switch to WordPress. I was upset… theres no doubt about it. Who wouldn’t be? GFC is HUGE in this silly blogging world that we live and work in. But I was determined to make it work with all of the other dozens of social networks and platforms out there.

Well… I happened upon a friends blog who I knew to be on WordPress and low and behold… the glorious GFC button was still on her site! After a few emails back and forth I found a tutorial that has now, thankfully, place my GFC button back on my sidebar.

And there you have it. A little post letting you know all about the little thing that is making me unbelievably happy right now. Arn’t we blogger gals just the silliest?!

PS – Go give it some love would ya???
It hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year!    ————————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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