fitness: 4 yoga poses for awesome arms

Happy Fri-yay everyone! It’s been a gloriously wet and spiritually uplifting week over here. How about yours?

It’s no secret that I luuuurve Yoga, most especially when done at a cardio pace with some Pilates mixed in, like Piyo. My arms can attest to just how amazing these poses are for strengthening, flexibility and toning those long, lean muscles. In fact, I think one of the most exciting physical benefits of a modern yoga practice is how much it transforms the arms!


4 Yoga Poses to Build Strong Arms

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fitness: September’s 15 minute workout

Working toward muscle fatigue is a favorite of mine, and my all time favorite workout for that is Piyo. For those moments when you just can’t squeeze in a 30 minute workout, this 15 minute circuit is sure to do the trick for you.

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life around here lately / in pictures

I try to keep life as positive and upbeat as possible. It’s just so much more enjoyable that way. Plus, I want to instill in my littles the know-how to choose happy over the alternative. That certainly doesn’t’ mean that life is all sunshine and daisy’s. We have our ups and downs and trials, just…

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coaching: 3 ways successful people overcome setbacks

I’m a full-time marketing producer, 5 days a week for a super hip fortune 100 company. It’s fun, fast-paced, and pushes me each and every day. I honestly and truly love my full-time job and the people I work with. Just over 2 years ago I received a peer review that left me reeling. I may have…

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from the kitchen: pasta e fagioli

This soup is super easy and always tasty. A staple in our house, especially when the weather starts to cool off and the sick bugs start to go around. Courtesy of Erika Sexton, its basically impossible to mess this one up.

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Piyo + Prayer End of summer meditation group

Summer might be winding down, the season slowly changing, but the fire inside of me still burns bright with the love of Christ and of this beautiful body He has given me. Starting on August 15th I’ll be hosting a Piyo + Prayer meditation group. A private place to come together with like-minded individuals to…

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