Rue Mag recently did a piece on celebrity designer Kathryn Ireland and her beautiful LA home. Just look at the lovely home she’s created and get’s to relax in at the end of every day. The pool, the trees, the Classic California look and feel. It’s all so fun and vibrant with great punches of classic elegance.

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What do you think?
Could you sleep here?

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In reply to a friend who asked how I stay organized while blogging, here are my tips and tricks.

Today’s installment of my blogging tips & tricks will address Gravatar & Dropbox. If I’m all of a sudden speaking Klingon then strap in because these are two things you want to hop on real quick.



This is in fact a Word Press, self hosted site. Which means that your awesome Blogger avatar won’t show up here. Bummer, I know, but there is another way and that super awesome way is called Gravatar. By setting up your Gravatar account you create a Globally recognized avatar that will then be shown on all Word Press blogs and other open source platform sites. Gravatar was afterall created by the co-founder of Word Press itself so it’s super legit.



Oh you guys, if you haven’t discovered Dropbox yet, you are in for a real treat. It is THE easiest way to get your images, documents, videos… from your phone to your computer, facebook, twitter, blog, instagram… wherever, whenever you want.
And visa versa.
It’s cloud based so whatever you put in your drop box on your computer will show up on your drop box on your phone, or your ipad or whatever internet connected device you have Dropbox installed and running on. It does eat up hard-drive space, because all files are actually on your computer, but in the cloud all at the same time. So you can access them online too via the dropbox.com website.
And, It’s FREE, up to 2GB. Plus, you can earn more free space by referring friends. So hey, maybe if you go sign up you should give me a little nod eh? Who doesn’t love more storage space!

Next time we’ll talk about how I organize files, because that can be such a headache! I’m no pro, but I sure do like to pretend. :)

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PS // Are we connected?



I am doing a serious happy dance right now!!!

So, as you all may or may not know, Google discontinued the use of GFC – Google Friend Connect – for non blogger blogs as of last year – 2012. And of course, I chose to make the switch to WordPress. I was upset… theres no doubt about it. Who wouldn’t be? GFC is HUGE in this silly blogging world that we live and work in. But I was determined to make it work with all of the other dozens of social networks and platforms out there.

Well… I happened upon a friends blog who I knew to be on WordPress and low and behold… the glorious GFC button was still on her site! After a few emails back and forth I found a tutorial that has now, thankfully, place my GFC button back on my sidebar.

And there you have it. A little post letting you know all about the little thing that is making me unbelievably happy right now. Arn’t we blogger gals just the silliest?!

PS – Go give it some love would ya???
It hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year!    ————————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>