A little change goes a long way


I woke up with all three littles in my bed this morning. Elbows were flying everywhere and when someone’s foot made contact with my head I admittedly lost it and kicked them all out. I immediately felt a huge wave of guilt and frustration with myself.


I took a minute during church to contemplate on that frustrating moment this morning and realized my mistake. I realized that I have been looking too inwardly lately. Too self centered and too self focused. Somewhere this week I lost my main focus and goal, which is to show love always. To love my children and my husband unconditionally and to put them first in all things, which sometimes oddly means putting myself first. It means taking a minute or 30 to physically and mentally prepare myself for the day and for my role in it.

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Costco:1 / Westovers:0


I’ve been avoiding posting this photo for 3 weeks now, because it still gives me the creepy crawlies to think about it. And here’s the story why:

We had decided to do dinner at Costco after doing the shopping and the kiddos didn’t hold out very well for us. They wouldn’t stay seated, wouldn’t actually eat much and made more noise and mess than the whole affair was worth. And at the very end of it all Rhys spilled his soda all over the floor and he and Avery both tried to ‘help’ dad clean it up. During all of the commotion I finally ended up picking up Avery to help keep her out of the puddle and I noticed Rhys sneaking awayfrom the corner of my eye. He was moving slow and toward the interior of the wear-house so I didn’t think too much of it as I turned to get a ¬†visual on Quinn.

Of course Quinn was being a punk and decided to start running toward the front door. Again, he’s a smart big kid and knows to stop at the entry door so I didn’t worry about him as I grabbed the cart and left Eric to go look for Rhys, who I now couldn’t see anywhere….

My heart started to race just that little bit that a mom’s heart does when she instinctively knows something’s off… I quickly yelled down to Quinn and asked him where his brother was to which he shrugged his shoulders, and then I saw him. IN THE PARKING LOT being chased after by one of the shopping cart workers.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year / From the Westovers

Westover Xmas 2014 - Westover Manor Photography

Every year I wrangle my heard of cats kiddos, dress them up – kicking and screaming – in clothes that they don’t really care for and drive us out to the middle of nowhere to take photos. And every year my trusty ti-pod (or sister) just barely manage to get a shot of all of us in focus. And in all honestly, I LOVE it. I love how crazy my family is and how we don’t turn it on or off for anything. We simply are.

This year was no exception, but for some reason it was easier. I may have just jinxed myself, but taking photos this year was actually pretty painless. Maybe it’s because they are all getting older and are showing off their personalities more. Maybe it’s because the day and time and distance of the moon were just right… or maybe it was all a fluke. But whatever it might have been I am super excited to have these beauties as my art pieces this year. [Read more…]

Life around here lately

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I think I’m done¬†apologizing for being MIA, and I don’t mean that in a ‘I don’t care’ kind of way. Quite the opposite. I mean it in a ‘I’m living my life and loving it, and sometimes that’s really busy’ kind way. So to me, that means I’ll be in and out and that’s just fine by me.

Life is so interesting sometimes, don’t you think? One minute you’re plugging along and things are going smoothly, and the next minute BAM! A giant curve ball gets thrown your way. I felt that way about a month ago when our new and super awesome nanny gave notice after only 1 month. It was turning out to be too much for her to take on the duties of her own family and mine, so she needed to take back her time. And I totally respect that, but ouch did that one sting a good bit. We only had 4 days to find a replacement, so I sent a little plea up to heaven and hopped onto my giant support system – aka Facebook and you guys. And at that same time I was struck with a very strong impression that I shouldn’t need to do this. I shouldn’t need to find someone else to rely on to watch and care for my children, because I should be doing that. And ouch, did that one sting too. [Read more…]