We are two weeks out from these little rug rat’s official entry date into Nursery, so yesterday we decided to give it a test run.

We did this with Quinn too and it proved to be a great way to help them transition. We started a few weeks before Quinn’s official date and would both go to Nursery with him and spend the entire time in there helping him play with toys, playing nicely with the other kiddos, and getting the general feel for the routine. When the time finally came that we were able to officially drop him off and run, he was the one doing the running.

And so, we began the same routine with the twins, hoping for the same results. And truth be told, with the way things went I’m pretty sure we could have dropped and ran without any issues.

These two are simply amazing.

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Happy Thursday!
And, Happy New Year!

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Sometimes, some blissful times, these two little monkeys of mine give me the best Sunday present of all. They fall asleep. At church.

It is amazing to hold a sleeping baby while listening to the messages of the Lord’s servants. I remember being newly weds of two-ish years, baby hungry and longing with all my heart to start our own family. My sweet friend would let me hold her sleeping baby all through Sunday school and I remember feeling so close to the Spirit during those meetings. While staring lovingly and longingly at that perfect little bundle of joy. Smelling her sweet baby smell, feeling her soft baby breathing. It filled my heart with such joy and happiness that I was remiss to return her at the end of the meeting, and impatient to return the following week.

When we finally had our own babies the same feelings of joy and closeness with the spirit ¬†were apparent in my life. I didn’t think it was possible to become even more close until we brought the twins home [Read more...]