Harry Potter Inspired Playroom | westover manor

Welcome to the Playroom!
This is Quinn’s little hideaway – literally, little.
The minute we moved in I wanted to make this Q’s space. But with the twins in the NICU and the painfully slow unpacking process that dream go put on the back burner. Then, last month everything just clicked. The boxes were out, the junk was gone and the boy needed a space.
And thus was born the silliest and quite possibly most awesome room in the whole house.

Quinn and I hand-painted the triangles all by ourselves.
The lightening McQueen pillow was one of Quinn’s Christmas presents, as was the Cow Pillow-Pet.

Harry Potter Size Playroom | westover manor

I needed to add lights to the space, and my brilliant sister suggested twinkle lights. Duh!
He has a basket for puzzles, a basket for plushies and a rug that desperately needs to be replaced by something more comfortable. Currently, it’s a somewhat uncomfortable runner from our old house. I feel an Ikea trip coming on and possibly one of these coming home with us.

BOOKS | westover manor PEEKABOO | westover manor PLAYROOM | westover manorThere’s something to be said for having your own space. Q has grabbed onto that concept and is now declaring just about everything in the house his. ‘My blanket, my baby, my phone’.
Yup, even the phone.




nursery_a_averyWelcome to the nursery!
The one room in the house that is actually clean, painted and, if I do say so myself, adorable.
Since we already had a black crib and matching furniture I decided to go with a black and white theme for the room. Black is his, white is hers.

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