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Truth: sitting down and writing, really writing, is really hard to do with kids. But somehow we crazy bloggers manage to find a moment to do it. And often-times those moments are anything but quiet and distraction free. The TV might be blaring as the chosen method of distraction, or the guy behind you at Starbucks might be taking a phone call a bit too loudly… whatever the circumstances it is sometimes difficult to get ‘in the zone’ with writing.

A few months back I read a post about this same issue over on Jenni’s blog and she offered up a great app called OmmWriter. Every now and then you come across something that you just need to rave about and this app is something I want to share with ya’ll. I simply love and adore the simplicity of this app so much that I wish I could use it for everything I do on my computer. [Read more…]



Things that I heart…

The rain,
long walks,
the sound of the ocean crashing on the rocks,
lemon tea cookies,
peppermint tea,
vanilla candles,
sandalwood body wash,
my children,
and most of all…
this man.

Someday’s I can’t believe how blessed I am.
This man chose me to be his wife and companion for eternity.
To be his partner in crime in all things, his equal, and his helpmeet in rearing our children.
Life is truly beautiful with him.

In only 5 short days we get to celebrate him for all that he does for us
as the father of our family.
What a beautiful thing this Father’s day business is.
What a beautiful time of year to celebrate.

just love

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fruit salad // chicken & rice casserole // cilantro & ginger hummus
greek salad // tilapia & green beans // pesto zucchini salad

This time of year always gets me in the mood for salads. Just coming out of Winter with carbs galore, soups, and warm creamy somethings… my body is just screaming for a good spring salad with tons of fresh fruits and veg. I don’t know about you but I earned a big fat F for soup making this winter – even though I stocked up on Organic Chicken Stock at Costco – It’s still sitting in my cupboard feeling unloved. I feel the need to redeem my cooking score this Spring by staying more in tune with the season, and my body. These six recipes are some that I absolutely love and some that I’m dying to fall in love with this spring.

just love
// kelly

Are we connected?



Oh Wednseday, you were very good to us!
Park day play dates, grocery shopping errands, giggles and pillow talks with the Hubs. Wow, what a day.

I said this yesterday, but I cannot be happier to be over the sick hill in this house. It was tough. No only because it was impossible to get the rest my sick body needed while taking care of 3 other sick bodies, but because of being cooped up in the house for soooo long. I’m not a home body by nature, I’d rather spend the day at the park, on the trail, snapping photos… anything but lounging about.

I am dying to take the kiddos on a ferry ride around the bay. It’s just too much for me to do by myself, I’d be too scared Quinn would run out of my arms and straight off the side of the boat. He’s just that active and curious… Perhaps I can rope the hubs or the sis into helping me out one of these warmer weekends.

Oh good golly the weather lately has been fantastic! Mid to High 60’s with occasional rainy days mixed in here and there. I can feel spring coming in and I welcome her with open arms. Especially her rainy days… I just love rainy days! This year the Q dude and I are getting right proper wellys and doing lots and lots and lots… of puddle jumping!!!

Speaking of sick…. the hubs posted this to his facebook page just a bit ago and it blew my mind! I knew the flu shot was less than effective but that number is just ridiculous! I am happier than ever that I adamantly said no to flu shots again.

Come on weekend… I can see your shining face!

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just love // kelly