We made it outside quite a bit more this week than any other week in January and February combined.
Sad, but true.
February has been kind to us so far. Warmer weather, better rest-filled nights, kinder words and hearts.
January was good, but February… Oh February! You little lover you… you’re going to be trouble, of the best kind. I just know it.

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Someday there won’t be…
Tazmanian devil impressions.
Floppy, cuddly snuggle bugs.
Requests for popcorn before naps.
Hugs, just because.
A salute and an ‘Aye, Aye Captain’ after every request. 


Someday there won’t be…
Innocent sleepy sighs as they slumber.
Honky noises with every breath, all night long.
Cars inside all of my shoes.
Torn books with half eaten pages.
Little fingers on my eye lids first thing in the morning saying ‘geek up, mama’.


Someday there won’t be…
The sleepy call for Angry Birds as they dream away.
The need to use berries as incentives to eat real meals.
Spit-up on every shoulder of every shirt.
Bouncers, and Swings, and Vibrating chairs all over the floors.


Thankfully today is not that day.

PS. She found her toes!

Short story about the milk…. It was taking 2-ish bottles every night to get Quinn to bed and we were blowing through our Costco two gallons. So, we upped our game and bought 4 this week. Of course he chooses this week to get over it. And now, we have a ton of milk in the fridge… I’m going to chalk that one up to growing pains. #neededthecalcium #andthecomfort.  :)

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I’m noticing a lot of photos taken from a birds eye view on Instagram these days – @youaremyfave, @caseyleighwiegand, @dawnellesarlo – to mention a few. So I thought I’d give it a go, I mean why not right? It’s super fun and exciting to jump on the bandwagon sometimes. Of course these two just happened to have one of the cutest moments of all time when I snapped this shot, and I absolutely love it. But I have to wonder… would it have been better if I’d taken it straight on? What did their faces look like?

I imagine very intense looks of concentration and frustration as they share the toy. Maybe Rhys is on the verge of tears because Avery is attempting to steal it instead of share… maybe they’re both trying to use it as a microphone so they can surprise me with a little JT…I’ll just never know.






This week on Instagram//

-The twins were caught sharing and I could not have been more proud!
-Avery showed off her Houdini skills while wrestling her arms out of her swaddle.
-I got my craft on while watching Downton Abbey – I’m trying Matthew, I really am! – for this post
-Rhys helped me do the laundry and reminded me that he likes his onesies snapped up before they are folded. Well excuse me!
-Quinn looks so adorably peaceful while napping. The added Bokeh effect may have had something to do with it.
-I attempted to finish off the last of the Xmas candy with some Fizzy water, popcorn and a good movie.
-Avery shows us the proper way to suck your thumb while lounging in your carseat.

-She also shows us just how silly leg warmers really are. While secretly loving them the entire time.
-Quinn slept in his own bed all night – Hooray! – and I got to enjoy some morning snuggles.
-Rhys fully appreciated the shift to 9am church and rocked that nap.
-I drooled over the mozzarella on my salad just long enough to snap a pic before gobbling them all up.
-And finally, I shared my current personal mantra. In truth I needed it because I was feeling overly competitive at 3 in the am and needed to be reminded that not everything has to happen right this very minute.


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