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I started this blog to help document my journey as a new mom, and the difficulties I faced while trying to find the balance in my life. Somewhere along the way this little space became a community and a platform for not only my thoughts but yours as we all tumble through motherhood and tried to keep ourselves centered amidst the tides of life. I’ve made plenty of mistakes with this little space, one of which was trying to monetize it-as so many of us stay-at-home women who want to help support the family from a monetary stand point-do. And most recently I’ve neglected this little space because I somehow viewed it as a time hog, and maybe I’d even allowed it to become that.

But today, as I rode home on my commuter shuttle and read the words of our modern day Prophet and Church leaders in the Ensign, I felt very strongly the need to keep up this little space. It was perhaps the message titled ‘Keeping A Journal Your Way‘ that planted the bud, and somewhere between that headline and the article titled ‘Leading Like The Savior‘ that I felt the need to dust off my Journal-of-sorts and start anew.

One thing I would love to share right now is my work-out journey. You see, I went back to work full-time about 10 months ago, and with that I became much more stagnant than I have been in years. A desk job doesn’t exactly require heavy lifting and long walks, like being the mother of Quinn + Twins does. Couple that with the 2-3 (some times 3+) Dr. Pepper’s I was consuming on an almost daily basis and I had become very… ‘squishy’. [Read more…]