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We made it outside quite a bit more this week than any other week in January and February combined.
Sad, but true.
February has been kind to us so far. Warmer weather, better rest-filled nights, kinder words and hearts.
January was good, but February… Oh February! You little lover you… you’re going to be trouble, of the best kind. I just know it.


We even ate healthier this past week! Just look at all that freshly made food!
Oh dudes, you have got to try out this gnocchi recipe… Even the Q-dude couldn’t get enough of it… mushrooms and all!

I am hugely crushing on headbands and exclamation marks at the moment! Both are equal parts fun and really silly all at the same time!!!
Which perfectly fits my mood for this fab February we’re having over here. Silly-willy-doodle-all-a-day.

Happy almost weekend!

Hurry up FRIDAY!!!!
(I cannot give that one enough exclamation marks!)

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  • Kelly!!!! How much do I love your blog?!?!? It is adorable and your pictures are so fabulous and filled with texture- LOVE! I wanted to make sure you saw my link to my floor pouf pricing- just in case you were interested! Thank you for stopping by TheQuickJourney. I am so happy to have found your little bloggy-space. xxLiz
  • Happy Friday! The pictures of cloud watching make my heart smile! What a great way to pass time... Especially with your little one...Adorable! Enjoy the weekend!!
  • Hello! I've come here from the GFC Collective blog hop and I have fallen in love with your blog! This post is so cute.x