coaching : battling depression

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Help me out here peeps… I’m feeling the icky darkness of depression trying to set up camp again. I’m learning, as I watch this pattern continue to pop up in my life, that it’sno linger something I can say ‘I fought and won’ and walk away from. This battle is ongoing, and is a daily fight, and that’s ok. This is what depression looks like-denial, overextending, extreme ups and extreme downs, occasional plateaus and a whole lots of on-going learning.
Current symptoms include: I’m having a hard time waking up in the mornings, I’m oversleeping, I’m feeling burnt out… anyone else? It can’t be just me? Drop a 🤖 emoji below if this is your battle too…
What have you found helpful?

I’ve found a few things that help me kick this-the biggest things are:

  • having accountability &
  • Getting a community around me through coaching. It’s not easy fighting this battle, but I know that I am worth it. 
  • Digging deep into my scriptures & prayer
  • Returning to the temple, often 
  • Scaling back, in ALL the ways-physically, mentally, emotionally

One step at a time, one day at a time… one foot in front of another. We are worth the battle.
Need support on your battle? Click over here and let’s see if coaching is something that can help you too.

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