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I love dark chocolate.
But I hate that people ONLY give me dark chocolate.

During a mock argument with Daddy I taught Quinn to say ‘your mom’.

I don’t correct Quinn when he calls Chocolate milk, Cookie milk.
It’s just too dang cute!

These bones are still carrying that extra five pounds of post twins weight.

I haven’t vacuumed in over a week.
(Don’t worry, I just did)

I sometimes want to throw my iPhone in a tub of water – so I won’t be online so much.

My kids are my world.
Heart, mind and soul.

I am way into Spotify right now.

The new Vine App is just another way of sucking my life away.
But it’s kind of fun.

Happy Weekend!

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And, here are a few cool things I found online this week…

These simple knitted bracelets.
Cute desktop wallpapers over here.
This online mag made their big announcement to go daily.
These wood tiles are just too much!
Printable Valentine puppets for our weekend crafty-ness.

Are we connected?

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  • I love that you taught your son to use the "your mom" argument. Wins every time. Found your blog through the H54F link-up. Looking forward to reading more! Have a great weekend!