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Can you believe it’s Friday already? This week, though crazy and hectic sure has flown by!
We are so excited to be pairing up with Spearmint Baby this week for our crazy link up, Falling For Friday.

THE place to come link up all the fabulous things you are totally obsessing over each week. Whether it be some brilliant new handmade goodness, a totally inspirational blog, or a little video that made you practically pee your pants… whatever it might be… we want to see it! We all love sharing those things that just make us drool, so consider this your formal invitation to join Dawnelle and Kelly each and every Friday!

I was thinking this week, while up in Idaho, that this was the place of a lot of my firsts. My first time moving out of state and into a completely new area. This is where I learned to drive and had my first car accident. Where I had my first boyfriend, and real job. Where I made lasting friendships and lots and lots of memories. It’s also the place I had my very first sip of coffee. I remember that sunny summer day. In the car with a few girl friends, we were heading down to the lake and stopped at one of the many little coffee shops along the way. My friend ordered a mocha slushy something, similar to a Starbucks Frappaccio and I was oh so very intrigued. She turned to me and asked if I wanted anything and I timidly replied I’ll have the same. That was the beginning of my very long love affair with coffee.

I still crave it’s sickly sweetness whenever I walk passed a coffee shop and taste it’s heavy aroma. The bold flavors all crashing together in new and exciting ways accosting my nostrils and begging to be tasted. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good old cup of coffee. I was more of a latté girl myself. The bold flavors were always a bit much for me without a good shot of sugary vanilla or toffee flavoring. I became more of a laid back hippie while in Idaho than I ever was in California. Something about the mountain air and the laid back vibe. I think if we’d lived in Montana or Seattle I never would have left. These places really speak to me, they make my soul happy. But this place, this space of so many firsts and new beginnings, has always set me on the wrong kind of edge.

I hereby dedicate this Falling For Friday to my old flame, coffee.


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Now it’s your turn… what are your crushes, old flames reignited, or funny somethings that you’ve fallen for this week?

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  • ooh, I love coffee! Kind of comes with the job, I'm a barista at a cute little espresso bar, my favorite coffee is the humble cappuccino! New follower! xo Maria @michaandme.blogspot.com
  • Hey my photo didn't show up... can you maybe delete my entry so I can try again? :) Mmm I love coffee! I'm a latte girl too, frozen hazelnut latte is my favorite and my sis works at a coffee shop so she can get me a good deal haha -Jessi haircutandgeneralattitude.blogspot.com
  • i'm reading this while waiting for the water to boil for my coffee this morning. french press is the only way i make coffee anymore (since hubs has given it up... weirdo... i only need to make enough for me!) but i would love a fancy espresso machine like that! plus, it would look beautiful on my kitchen counter! but really all i need is a little milk frother to make my own lattes :) p.s. this is my favorite link-up! i look forward to every friday and reading everyone's posts! so much fun!
  • Aaaaww what lovely "meet cute"with coffee, love the way you wrote that. Mine was a LOT earlier in life... I'm Brazilian. So it was probably some unassuming morning during my childhood, with LOTS milk and sugar. :) That Cuisinart espresso maker is so dreamy!
  • ahhh a salted caramel syrup, sounds just perfect! I`m also coffee addict, can`t help! happy weekend and travelling, zu.noni!