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This is THE place to come link up all the fabulous things you are totally obsessing over each week. Whether it be some brilliant new handmade goodness, a totally inspirational blog, or a little video that made you practically pee your pants… whatever it might be… we want to see it! We all love sharing those things that just make us drool, so consider this your formal invitation to join Dawnelle and Kelly each and every Friday!

This week’s super amazing guest host is Shelby from Brandon & Shelby, who is one super awesome mama… among other things. Her Instagram feed is adorbs, and you just have to see this headboard her Hubs made from two old doors! Plus, she does a ‘what’s your project’ link up on Thursdays that all you crafty, project-y ladies should hop on.

This week I had my Dad on my mind a lot.
A little Daddy-o update – He had brain surgery the day after we left Idaho to relieve pressure and stop the brain bleed that was going on. You know, that silly brain bleed that no one knew about!!! Because he didn’t bother to say something like ‘hey, I can’t move my left arm…’ and he wasn’t presenting with any signs of a stroke, except he had totally had one. Yeah, that one. (And if you’re reading this old man I am STILL upset over that whole ordeal. You have GOT to speak up… There. I said it.)
Thanks to the surgery he is making a miraculous recovery and gets to come home tomorrow! Hooray!!!

But, while thinking about my dear old Dad I started thinking about all the silly goodies I have stashed away in my parent’s garage. Like my old doll house, complete with original figurines, car & garage. (Oh yeah, Avery is soooo getting that some day.) A few old photos, and trinkets and other knick knacks… We went diving through boxes while visiting and my sister found one of the old quilts our Grandma made waaaay back in the day, and it got me all nostalgic for her farm and cobwebby house. And especially for her quilts. I had a pink one growing up that I absolutely loved. Oh, and how I would just love a few of her old quilts right now. To curl up under it’s heart warming curves with a cup of tea – it would be the perfect end to these almost April showers.


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  • My Mom is a quilter. Her grandmother taught her. They both made me a quilt when I was born. We've kept it pristine. But, it is in WV right now :( My Mom made several quilts for Sebastian when he was born. I'm dying for something new. She's so busy with her quilting business I hate to ask her to make me one too! But, I can't find a good old fashioned quilt here in Scotland. They just don't make them. I love that stripy rainbow one!
  • I am so sorry to hear about your Dads health troubles! I hope he's on the mend soon...:) Love these quilts, they definitely bring up some happy memories for me too! Happy Easter Weekend!
  • Kelly those quilts are beautiful. My husband gave me a ton of quilting stuff for Christmas because I said I wanted to get into that. Hopefully I will as soon as i get reunited with my sewing machine! My husband's great grandmother made some beautiful quilts too. I love the ones that are all mismatched just with old remnants of fabric. I'm sorry about your dad. Praying he gets in tip top shape real soon! He sounds like my daddy (who is a physician, mind you), I found out recently that he hasn't had a check up in years. I was so mad! Why are dads so stubborn sometimes? Happy Easter!
  • Loving those quilts... that triangle one is one of my favorites these days!!! and I am so very very glad things are going okay with your Dad... Praying for you guys!
  • Oh my goodness, you are so sweet thanks for your sweet words. What a story about your dad. So glad he's okay. And I am loving the quilts I have been trying to find some- so these are so perfect!! Shelby brandonandshelby.blogspot.com
  • Wow...what an ordeal! It is so crazy sometimes how parents won't speak up about their health and wellbeing...my mom did the same thing. I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well and that he will be returning home tomorrow. Best of luck and wishes to you and your family :))
  • Those quilts are amazing. My sister-in-law is a quilter but I don't have nearly the patience for it. I especially like the one with the straight rainbow stripes. Sending lots of prayers to your Daddy and family. Daddies are so special.
  • i totally agree, we also have tea&blankett weather here in Germany, still minus degrees and snow... I admire people who can quilt, so much time and love in these pieces, these above are adorable! number 2 is my favorite! much blessings to your family, greetings, noni!