fitness: 4 yoga poses for awesome arms

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Happy Fri-yay everyone! It’s been a gloriously wet and spiritually uplifting week over here. How about yours?

It’s no secret that I luuuurve Yoga, most especially when done at a cardio pace with some Pilates mixed in, like Piyo. My arms can attest to just how amazing these poses are for strengthening, flexibility and toning those long, lean muscles. In fact, I think one of the most exciting physical benefits of a modern yoga practice is how much it transforms the arms!


4 Yoga Poses to Build Strong Arms

1) Downward Facing Dog

This classic pose may seem easy, and if you are practicing it the right way it can be a key arm strengthener. As you spread the fingers wide and press your hands firmly into the mat, you are lengthening the spine and building muscle in the arms.

2) Warrior

Even though this is a standing pose and works primarily the lower body, the upper body component is not easy. After holding the arms out to the sides for a minute or so, the shoulders may feel a burn, which is sign of building strength. Be sure to properly engage your core and flex the muscles between your shoulder blades rather than straining your neck in this pose.

3) Plank

This an excellent pose to tone the arms. Deeply inhaling and exhaling while working through the core and pulling the shoulders down by pinching the muscles between the shoulder blades, to hold the pose. You’re working all of your muscles and creating the long lean toning that you find in athletes.

4) Side Plank

Building off of your plank and stabilizing with your bottom leg while lifting the top leg and engaging your core is an amazing way to tone and build the arm muscles. Holding the weight of your body and shooting the energy out through your stabilizing foot while breathing deeply this pose will help build those shoulders and supporting core muscles as well.

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