from the kitchen: Halloween snack attack

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Halloween has long since been my little’s fave holiday – next to Christmas, of course. All of the pumpkins, the zombies, the ghosts, The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat and the costumes. It’s so much fun to see their imaginations come to life. Not to mention seeing all the adults turn back into little kids, lol. 😉

So when I stumbled upon these healthy Halloween snack ideas that are sure to get my little’s screams-a-screaming I knew these just had to be shared.

Zombie Hands Hummus

This one is sure to be a fave in our house. Quinn is cookoo for zombies and dead things, and he absolutely loves carrots and hummus.


Puking Pumpkin Guacamole

I’ve seen this one done a few different ways, and this one looks the healthiest. Guac, blue corn chips and black beans on the side. This is sure to make the little’s laugh.

Do you have a fave Halloween snack? Share your link with us in the comments below.


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