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Well, I’m doing it. I’m actually decorating for a holiday.
Insert Audible gasp here
I decided it was about time I started doing crafty things and things with crafts with the kiddos. It’s great for fine motor skills and family bonding time and all that jazzy jazz stuff. Have I already said this? I feel a bit repetitive lately.

Plus, it makes the house feel all nice and cozy and cutesy and we could use a little cozy and cutesy around here. It is a lovely little holiday that silly St. Valentines day.

I stayed up way too late Friday night – like 4:30am! – finishing up the second season of Downton Abbey. Hot dang that show is amazing. I’d almost forgotten. Now I’m all caught up and recording the second episode of season 3. Am I like the only person in the states who hasn’t watched the whole third season online yet? I’m taking my dear sweet time so that I can savor every last minute of the Mathew and Mary drama. And Mr. Bates! Oh poor Mr. Bates. Whatever will become of him? Shhhhh, don’t tell me.

I used a Plain and Simple magazine for these and truth be told it felt a little sacrilegious tearing one of those little Martha beauties into little heart shaped bits. But I liked the texture of the pages the best out of all the magazines I had in the house. I’ve seen these made with book pages, but that would really truly feel sacrilegious.


Magazine Pages
Hole Punch

steps1 | westover manor

How To//
Tear out a dozen or so magazine pages.
Fold in half, then half again.
Trim the uneven edges and cut open the folded edge.
Fold in half one more time.
Trim out your heart shape.

steps2 | westover manorPunch two holes in the center of the heart.
Sew the string through the holes.
Tie each heart off with loose knots, large enough so the holes won’t slip through.
Hang and enjoy!

VALENTINES DAY | westover manor

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