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nursery_a_averyWelcome to the nursery!
The one room in the house that is actually clean, painted and, if I do say so myself, adorable.
Since we already had a black crib and matching furniture I decided to go with a black and white theme for the room. Black is his, white is hers.

nursery_composite_averyWe picked up the second crib at a garage sale. Painted it and cleaned it up real good for our little girl. I found the crib bedding on a locals only Facebook page and the nightstand is from Ikea. The super cute pink humidifier showed up at our house one day from Target. It had no note, or receipt and we assumed it was a baby shower gift. It’s become my favorite humidifier of all time. Thank you unknown individual for your very thoughtful gift. It is used, regularly.

Our very dear friend, and expert painter, helped me tape off the one wall for stripes. And one pint of flat black paint later I got my ‘prison stripes’, as my sister called them. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and how they add that little something extra to the space.


Rhys is reusing the black crib – which Quinn had a bit of a hard time with, but he’s fully accepted the fact that he is a ‘big boy’ now. The teething guard is still attached, which is both convenient and disgusting all at once. And yet, I still have not replaced it. It’s my silent revolt over my babies growing up. Because if I replace it that means Rhys is old enough to be standing in his crib. And I am so not ready for that.

nursery_composite_rhysThe darling pom pom’s are recycled from my baby shower and double as adorable mobiles. At least maybe they will when our babies decide to sleep on their backs. So far all of my babies have been tummy sleepers. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mom it’s to not fight with nature no matter what society says. But I have also learned as a mom of preemies that you have to do what you’re comfortable with. Even if that means your baby girl sleeps on your chest the first three nights that she’s home, just so you can be sure she’s breathing.

nursery_composite_rockingchairThe rocking chair.
Oh that rocking char.
I bought it from our old friend and neighbor and was able to get it to stop squeaking with a can of 409 and a screwdriver. It has seen about a million middle of the night feedings from myself and both owners before me. I bet it has some pretty great stories to tell. And, I bet it’s hiding a Lightening McQueen car under it’s seat cushion right now. Since I just can’t get Quinn to leave it alone. It was after all is his room once upon a time. The t-shirt pillow that doubles as my lumbar support is my Aunt’s gift at every baby shower. She made a unique one for each twin. We still have Quinn’s monster truck pillow too. It’s been many things over the years. Door stopper, lumbar support, bedding detail. And I love that they each have one of their very own. Don’t mind the crooked lamp. It’s lived through Quinn. Enough said.


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