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That just happened. #hungergames 

Do you ever have those days where you feel like the world is out to get you? You’re exhausted, maybe hungry and you look around your house and see a million things that still need to get done? I had that day on Saturday. It ran the gambit of emotions. A little something like this…

Saturday day was pretty awesome though, I will admit. It started out with The Hunger Games and a mini date with the Hubs. But it was a tainted date because the Hubs was down for the count. He threw his back on Friday morning. Too much twisting while bending and lifting, and yeah. Out it went. But the movie. Wow, that movie. Read the books, love them first, be appalled and in love all at the same time. Then go see the movie and bawl your eyes out like a little baby. That’s what I did. In that order. The end.

How I found him when we got back from The #hungergames 

But not really the end, because I didn’t even finish telling you about Saturday. So there was the movie and the mini date and the Grandma watching the Q dude and the Hubs with the broken back and this Mama carrying the twins and there was rain and lines and people and then mercifully there was a nap. But it wasn’t a restful nap, I think the bed was too firm? But then there was driving all the way back to our tiny little house that we hadn’t been in since Friday morning because I forgot to say that we spent Friday night at Grandma’s house too, you know, to save time and gas and all that jazz. So then there was our tiny little house with lots of rain and not lots of sleep and lots of stuff to unpack and babies to haul around and pregnant bellies to maneuver and no Hubs to help and I had one of those moments.

I choose to clean when I have those moments. So I stared attacking the dishes. And then the Q dude needed something but it wasn’t really pressing and I was in a moment and focusing intently on the dishes and saying a little-long prayer while scrubbing rather thoroughly and that’s the moment the Hubs decided to say something trivial like

did you know they only spend 80MM making The Hunger Games?’

and then came the breakdown where I shot back with something silly like

no, I sure didn’t. I choose to spend my time taking care of my family instead of looking up useless facts like that.’

And, yeah. Then there was more cleaning and icy glare throwing and little-long prayers. And then the moment passed. And now. Well, now I can laugh. And smile, because I have a very clean kitchen, and a very silly story to look back on. And a very patient Hubby who can laugh with me.

Now, The End.

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