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fruit salad // chicken & rice casserole // cilantro & ginger hummus
greek salad // tilapia & green beans // pesto zucchini salad

This time of year always gets me in the mood for salads. Just coming out of Winter with carbs galore, soups, and warm creamy somethings… my body is just screaming for a good spring salad with tons of fresh fruits and veg. I don’t know about you but I earned a big fat F for soup making this winter – even though I stocked up on Organic Chicken Stock at Costco – It’s still sitting in my cupboard feeling unloved. I feel the need to redeem my cooking score this Spring by staying more in tune with the season, and my body. These six recipes are some that I absolutely love and some that I’m dying to fall in love with this spring.

just love
// kelly

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  • Thank you for sharing. some of these are definitely going on my list! I earned an F in soup making this year too...I think I made a total of 2:( I feel the need to redeem myself this spring too.
  • you had me at hummus! I'm the same way and have been craving salads as of late, these look so delish, thanks for sharing! xo, d
  • i gotta stop doing my blog reading before breakfast... this is making me so hungry! thanks for sharing! i'll try some of these out soon!
  • You posted this on the perfect day!!! I was needing to use some zucchini, and you "Pesto Zucchini salad" is what I made for dinner, so good! My kids even ate it!!!