New Coach Training


Welcome to your 14 day NEW COACH TRAINING!

In here we will go over all of the foundational tools that will set you up for ultimate success. Are you ready?!?
ALL of the videos we will be watching are in here, so take them at your own pace.

You’re not obligated to take 14 days, so if you’re ready to sprint through these then have at it!
The majority of you will want to walk, which is why we take this in bite size chunks each and every day.
If we all do that ONE thing each and every day, it will compound over time and
will lead to that big shiny Diamond goal up ahead.
You’ve got this! WE’VE got this. Now let’s dive in!



W E L C O M E!!!!!
I am so glad you guys are here with us plugging into your first training.
Check out this first little welcome video and let’s get this ball rolling.
We will be using Mindy Wender’s trainings, and posting all comments in the comments section below.
Dive in, plug in and ask those questions along the way. Here we go!


Welcome to Day 2!

I am so excited to see your goals, WHY’s, and time your willing to work for YOUR business.
Drop your homework in the comment section below so we can all hear from you.


I hope you had a chance to get that homework done….so lets move on to the next video on PD.
Today’s assignment is to list below the first book/audio that you are going to be using for Personal Development.
You can find a list of great book options here if you need help picking one out. 🙂


This list making is crucial to staying on top of things and getting your
memory jogged for you of exactly how many people you know.
Building the relationships is what this business is all about so make sure you are F.O.R.M.-ing your network.
F-family (married? kids? single? etc)
O-occupation (what do they do for a living?)
R-recreation (what do they like to do for fun?)
M-motivation for losing weight, coaching, etc.

I can’t wait to see your highlighted lists in the comment section below.


Hi-de-ho newbie coach!

Let me start off by saying that I am super excited that you are plugging in
with this training and please be sure to take notes and post any questions you may have for us.
I remember being right where you are at and “needing” to know it all, so please don’t be afraid to ask.

Have a great day and Happy Day #5!


Being consistent is the magic sauce.
Here is today’s training….super important so you can understand your first steps of challenge packs and groups.



You are half way through your training!
Keep it going and success is yours for the taking!!!
Click here for the “power hour” to do list.


Welcome to Day 8!

This is something that is a non-negotiable to me and have hit 17 months straight.
It is possible you just have to reach out and dig into that Power Hour.
Set those goals and I would love to hear your first months’ goal for how many lives you are going to help.


Hey! You’ve made it to Day 9!
Building relationships is key to this biz and to not be “salesy” if you are listening and
building a relationship with your audience. F.O.R.M your peeps when you are talking to them
so you can learn about them and their needs and wants.

Welcome to Day 10!
Today we are going to cover how to start adding coaches to your team and what to say.

Day 11 Whoop Whoop!
Now we are talking rank advancements and your first important step to building that team.
This is where we as coaches start to make our weekly bonus which is where the residual income will come from.

E M E R A L D.
I would love to hear when you would love to hit emerald?!?!!

Leave a comment below with your goal emerald date.

Welcome to Day 12!!!
This is a double header day – so please be sure to watch BOTH videos below.
Grab your notebook to make sure you are getting all of these goodies on social media!

Instagram training so get those notes handy again.

OMG! You’ve made it!

Killer job!
So, take this and run with it and I can’t wait to see you pushing yourself to your highest potential!


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