Kitchen declutter group / in progress update


We’re 2 days into our 5 day kitchen declutter group over on Facebook and I am LOVING the results so far. I have more room, feel more accomplished and can actually FIND things when I need them. Who knew that’s where I put that bottle! lol. These progress pics make me giddy with excitement to do the rest of this challenge!

I am seriously so proud of all the ladies in the group with who are also working hard on bettering themselves and their spaces. A clean and fit home really does help fuel a clean and fit lifestyle. <3


Kitchen clean up – Part of the decide to thrive movement



Could anyone else’s cupboards use a good cleaning out after all the holiday cooking and baking?
Mine are looking a little cray cray right about now. With visitors (including the hubs) very kindly putting things away in all the wrong spots and lots of little hands getting into places they shouldn’t be; my kitchen needs some serious decluttering!

I’ll be hosting a FREE 5 day kitchen decluttering group on Facebook starting this Monday (12/1).
Shoot me an email at or drop your email address below to do it with me.
It’s so much more fun to declutter with friends, so bring some along with you.

I can’t wait to get this kitchen back into order with you! ❤️
I’ll go over the top 5 kitchen clutter zones. We’ll attack one a day and post photos of our success and hold each other accountable for getting the work done. Who’s with me?

Drop a comment below with your email address, or shoot me an email at to be added to the group.
And make sure we’re Facebook friends too. :)

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