tasty road trip treats for the whole family

SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately – about going to visit my parents. But you see, they live in Northern Washington, and we live in Northern California. Which is not exactly a hop skip and a jump away…
Which leads me down the path of thinking…. road trip?!?

I’ll be honest I haven’t yet attempted a long haul road trip with all three littles, and this adventure would most likely be just me and them, but here are my thoughts on the matter. I think that all kiddos should have to endure a long road trip, if only for the sake of learning some kind of patience and how to endure to the end. You might be laughing, but I am 100% serious. In this day and age of instant gratification, fast food, and a fast pace life, it’s often so much easier to just give in to my littles whims than to argue or explain a better way with them. But a road trip… 3 days in the car with minimal stops teaches you something. Even if that ‘something’ is simply the best way to annoy your sister, I still feel that it’s important to learn to stick it out and keep going. Since that’s what real life is all about. Enduring to the end, and doing it in style.

So naturally, while thinking about this road trip my mind started thinking about the types of snacks I should think about brining to help keep everyone’s belly’s happy. Here are my top 10 tasty road trip treats for the whole family:

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abs after twins

Ok you guys. Here’s the honest truth – from a twin mama.

I never, I mean never, thought I would get my abs back after having twins. I honestly never thought I would get rid of my birthing hips and love handles too, but here I am 3 years post twins and rocking a sweet six pack. And oh. my. gosh. I just have to tell you how tight my buns are. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying it because it BLOWS MY MIND!!! I don’t think I’ve ever had buns this high and tight, even when I was a swimmer in high school.

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my top 3 core building techniques


Happy Monday friends!!!

The team and I just kicked off the Bikini Body Boot Camp this morning – did you get in the group with us?
We just opened up room for 3 more ladies who are ready to learn the skills necessary to get and stay on track with their nutrition, make the most of their time with effective 30 minute workouts & tone up for their very best bikini bodies! We’re going FULL FORCE to rock you into the bikini season in style.

Sign up below with your email address to receive your FREE bikini body starter kit.
**Only serious applicants need apply!**

And now, onto the FUN stuff. Let’s chat about my top three core building tips.

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4 ways to get the most out of your workout

Quick tips to make the most out of your workout - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

You guys, I have to come clean with you. I haven’t worked out in the past 3 days!!! I decided to take the week off between my last round of Piyo and the upcoming Bikini Body Boot Camp group that starts on the 27th, and I am regretting that decision!

I have been bloated and feeling like a blob these past few days, and am so ready to hop back into regular workouts. Isn’t it funny how quickly our bodies react to things. It was such an immediate response to not working out, and I was not expecting it. I guess it just goes to show that our bodies really do love regular exercise and clean eating and they revolt when we fall off.

So today I want to share a few tricks I’ve learned to really make the most of your workouts – because honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that!! lol, sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

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