my top 3 core building techniques


Happy Monday friends!!!

The team and I just kicked off the Bikini Body Boot Camp this morning – did you get in the group with us?
We just opened up room for 3 more ladies who are ready to learn the skills necessary to get and stay on track with their nutrition, make the most of their time with effective 30 minute workouts & tone up for their very best bikini bodies! We’re going FULL FORCE to rock you into the bikini season in style.

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**Only serious applicants need apply!**

And now, onto the FUN stuff. Let’s chat about my top three core building tips.

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4 ways to get the most out of your workout

Quick tips to make the most out of your workout - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

You guys, I have to come clean with you. I haven’t worked out in the past 3 days!!! I decided to take the week off between my last round of Piyo and the upcoming Bikini Body Boot Camp group that starts on the 27th, and I am regretting that decision!

I have been bloated and feeling like a blob these past few days, and am so ready to hop back into regular workouts. Isn’t it funny how quickly our bodies react to things. It was such an immediate response to not working out, and I was not expecting it. I guess it just goes to show that our bodies really do love regular exercise and clean eating and they revolt when we fall off.

So today I want to share a few tricks I’ve learned to really make the most of your workouts – because honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that!! lol, sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

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5 easy ways to simplify your home

Five easy ways to simplify your home - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

So I read the very best book a while back – Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider and ever since then I’ve tried to live a much more simple life. It doesn’t always go so well, especially when the kiddos come home from lunch with a new toy that they just ‘have to have’ or I come home with a mountain of papers that ‘I’ll sort through later’ or the hubs comes home with a new chiropractic something or other that he just has to have… you get the picture. Living simply is not for the faint of heart. I’m convinced that it is however a skill, and like most skills it can be honed and refined over time.

I spent a good bit of time this weekend simplifying our new found spacious home. Gone are the days of literally living on top of each other because of a lack of space and now have come the days of literally living on top of each other because we just have too much stuff everywhere. I’ve tried organizing up the wazoo, instilling clean up time with the kiddos on a daily basis and the dreaded nagging of the hubs to help keep things tidy. But for some reason I find us right back where we started before all the organizing began, and I think I’ve stumbled across the answer to it all.

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catching up on catching up

SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

This week…
I cheated hard with my 80/20 rule. It was more like a 70/30 rule – and I’m okay with that. I’m just a girl with a mean hankering for french fries + Polynesian sauce, who really, really loves to workout.

SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

I added weights to my workout – or rather

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