Cranberry Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie

Cranberry Apple Butter Pie | Westover Manor

Pies are not my thing. I would choose a nice flakey brownie or creme brûlée over pie any day of the week. But when your family asks you specifically to bring a pie to the great Thankful family gathering of 2014, you step up to the plate and  learn how to bake a pie. And since I wasn’t the only one asked to bring pie, I didn’t want to fall into the ‘plain pumpkin’ category, so off to the inter webs I went. And wouldn’t you know there are a TON of alternate recipes to the plain old pumpkin pie that I was simply unaware of. And then, in the midst of all my google searing, it came to me… Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie.

So off to my local Trader Joes I went, in search of the very few, but very tasty ingredients to make this amazing sounding Pumpkin Pie. But wouldn’t you know it, Trader Joes doesn’t carry plain Apple Butter this time of year?!? But the heavens were smiling as they delivered to my Cranberry Apple Butter instead. And holy moly, as a girl who loves a little punch of tart in her sweet this was just what my taste buds wanted. No extra sugar added, or needed, and should you so desire a paleo crust could be used, making this pie 100% paleo. Yup, natural and tasty. [Read more…]

It’s my party and I’ll pose if I want to


You’ll never guess what day it is over here.
Ok, you may have guessed it. It’s my birthday! A friend of mine told me that once a lady hits the big 30 she not only stops aging, but magically becomes 28 all over again. So here’s to being 28 – again!

I’ve been meaning to say something about this, so hey, why not today.
You may have noticed a strange influx of workout images and deep thoughts over on the good old instagram feed. And if you were really paying attention you may have even noticed a new Kelly Westover Fitness page pop up on Facebook. Well, that’s all because I did something pretty awesome last month. I decided to keep pushing, sharing and growing in my fun and exciting fitness journey. And I also decided to help those who might need a little accountability and motivation, like I did, along the way. In short, I signed up as a Beachboy coach, and I could not be more excited about it! The inspiring ladies and gentleman that surround me, lift me up and hold me accountable every day is nothing short of amazing. We laugh, we love, we sweat and we share it with each other so we can all keep pushing for our goals and dreaming big. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?!? It really is. I wish you could feel the joy I have in my life right now. <3

To celebrate both my new role as a coach, and my 28th birthday I went out and did a little fitness photoshoot. Because y’all know how much I love photos, I couldn’t think of a better way to meld my new found fitness passion with my good old photo passion than to simply slam the two together. Here’s a little sneak peek, and a nod to all the hard work myself and my awesome fit fam have been putting in.

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