Natural ways to beat the afternoon slump

Natural ways to beat the afternoon slump

Too often at work I find my energy levels taking a serious nose dive in the early afternoon. My body is working hard to digest all of the yummy proteins and foods from lunch and all the blood is rushing to my tummy to help it out. Which makes me a wee bit sleepy. Are you nodding your head right now and thinking ‘yup, I know that feeling’.

Well let’s find out how to beat that afternoon slump!

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Sunday style

Sunday Style - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

It’s easy to loose track of oneself amongst the squabbling children and rush of the clock. I’m so grateful for a husband who rushes the kiddos out to the car a few minutes early so that I can spend those precious last moments finally taking care of me.

I’m grateful that even though we’re typically running late he doesn’t put up a fuss when I very shyly ask him to take a few silly pictures. And I love the way he stops and tells me how pretty I am as he leans in to give me a kiss.  [Read more…]

catching up on catching up

twin double deckers - SF Fit Mom - kelly westover

This week was all a blur. It came, it happened, we survived and now it’s in the books. More like, it’s in that one book on that one shelf somewhere tucked in a corner. Because honey, it is seriously all a blur!

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10 ways to beat sugar cravings


I’ll be the first to admit that during Girl Scout Cookie season I purchase and entire case – yes a CASE, 12 whole boxes of thin mints, and eat them slowly over the course of a month or two or three. And I will openly admit that after that very last box is gone I struggle to get back to a health maintenance of daily sugar intake. Sound familiar?

Well, I thought I might not be the only one.
So I wanted to share my top 10 ways to beat sugar cravings with you all today: [Read more…]