Hello again!
It’s been a long hiatus, I know, but here we are again back at the good old blog. And what better way to kick it back off than with the trip that basically stopped it cold in it’s tracks…. Southern California.
You see, I said goodbye to my sister down in Southern California just over a month ago. She hopped on a cruise over to Australia and is off exploring the world, seeing new sights, and discovering new and exciting things.
Pretty awesome eh? You can read all about her travels over here.

But with her departure she took a little piece of my heart with her and it’s never easy to loose your heart…
So in an attempt to kick it back into gear, because I do have all the other pieces of it for goodness sake! Here’s a few photos from our Mission Visit to San Juan Capistrano. We’ve stopped at a Mission on almost all of our girls weekends and this one was no exception.
I’m not going to lie to you, this place was ah-mazing! We got held up in the entryway, because it was so vast and inviting. By the time we made it into the main courtyard we were simply blown away. If this is what people meant by ‘lets take a turn about the courtyard’ then count me in.

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