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Day 30
React to this term: Letting Go

Oh letting go… Over the course of my life I have seriously struggled with this one. There was a very long period in our marriage when I held onto some very negative feelings toward the Hubs for far too long. So long in fact, that it took an act of God to soften my heart and finally allow me to heal and feel real joy again.

I will always remember that Sunday, sitting in the cultural hall, listening to General Conference and feeling so much pain and anger that I just ached all over. I sent up a very heart felt prayer and pleaded with God to help me let it all go. To help me forgive and to feel real joy again. And I will always remember the instant feeling of love and release that came at that moment. I was not strong enough in this physical body to let go of it all on my own, but He was, He is and He came to my aid that day. As he has so many times in my life. He helped soften my heart and allow true healing to happen. It is because of Him that I can feel such joy in my life today, and that I am no longer consumer by fear and anger.

Letting go is one the hardest and simplest things we do in our lives. And I know, without a doubt, that He loves us and wants us to be happy, so much so that he gave his Son to pay for our sins and allow us to be forgiven and to heal. And I know that He wants us to take full advantage of that healing. Repentance isn’t there for the worthy, or the perfect, it’s there for the sinners and the imperfect.
It’s there for me and for you.

What do you need to let go of right now? 

just love


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feetI often track my travels through photos of my feet.
My feet on the streets of Paris, the tubes in London, the beaches in Monterey… These feet have seen many places in their time. But nothing brings back memories faster than a smell, a song, an emotional response.
I love each of these songs for very specific emotional reasons. Maybe someday I’ll share those reasons with you, but for now here are those songs.

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