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The weather this week has been…striking. Rainy and cool one day, almost 80* the next. Oh spring…I think I shall now call you the pms of summer. Let’s get it together girl… we just want some stable warm weather.
This week I’ve been dreaming about summer wardrobe updates. Brights, bolds, accessories, booties and hats! Hats galore! Hats for everyone I say! I bought all three kiddos hats and myself a fidora and floppy hat number. Quinn wound up with two hats even though he most likely won’t wear any of them. Heaven help me, I won’t go down without a hat fight though. They’re just so stinking cute!

Now it’s your turn to show us…what did you fall for this week?


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I tell stories. About me. My life. My faith. About being a mother. A wife. A friend. In no particular order.
Though my heart lives on the beaches of Kauai, my body lives in Houston TX. I have a huge affection for photography, crafts, style and everything artsy. I like humor, wrestling with my husband, and worn out jeans.

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just love you all!
// kelly

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fruit salad // chicken & rice casserole // cilantro & ginger hummus
greek salad // tilapia & green beans // pesto zucchini salad

This time of year always gets me in the mood for salads. Just coming out of Winter with carbs galore, soups, and warm creamy somethings… my body is just screaming for a good spring salad with tons of fresh fruits and veg. I don’t know about you but I earned a big fat F for soup making this winter – even though I stocked up on Organic Chicken Stock at Costco – It’s still sitting in my cupboard feeling unloved. I feel the need to redeem my cooking score this Spring by staying more in tune with the season, and my body. These six recipes are some that I absolutely love and some that I’m dying to fall in love with this spring.

just love
// kelly

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Quinn-westover We’ve done a special photo shoot so far for every year of Quinn’s life, because we want him to have as many memories of his childhood as possible. Plus, we want as many black mail photos as we can get. *wink wink*
This year we can really see his personality blossoming. His communication skills are amazing, even to me. He’ll tell me something that I don’t quite understand and then sing a song that helps me get it, or act it out. He’s going to be a master at charades in the not too distant future.
Quinn-westoverQuinn-westover Quinn-westoverQuinn-westover He just steals my heart!
My firstborn, my first baby love. From the first time I looked into his bright baby blues, he’s held my heart.0328_QUINN-ROSE_56360328_QUINN-ROSE-MAMA_5650 0328_MAMA-DADA-KISS_5490 0328_FAMILY-FOUNTAIN-3_5494

photo credit / christy warnick

just love
// kelly

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