Day 25
Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget.

I couldn’t have been older than 8, sitting in my aunts house in Virginia when she looked me in the eye and said ‘Kelly, you like nice things’. I’ve never forgotten this statement, it seemed so out of left field, and yet so true. I do, I always have ‘liked nice things’. I’d rather save a little longer and buy a quality piece, one that I know will hold up and stand the test of time than simply buy something right then and there.

Sometimes this is a good thing, like in Interior Design school, when making selections. Sometimes this is a bad thing, like almost always the thing I want is priced higher than I’m comfortable paying! But I always do my research, I find out why it’s the best, why it’s better than the rest, and what the second and third place winners are. I (almost) always make an informed decision about whatever it is that I’m buying and I (almost) always feel good about my purchase after the fact.

I would actually love to pass this little quirk along to my kids. To teach them to value quality over quantity, the value of a dollar and what qualities make something a quality piece. So, in the end I count this statement as a good one. Thanks Auntie Ne’.

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Day 24
Your top 3 worst traits

If I could change three things about me they would be…

1. If you’ve read my little welcome blurb on the sidebar over yonder, you’ll notice a very sill little line that says ‘obsessive nail bitter’. Just so there’s no confusion on the matter, I really am just that.
I’ve been biting my nails since I can remember and it’s only gotten worse with age. I’ve almost given up.
I say almost because I know deep down, like way down, that I can give up this nasty habit. I’ve done it before, and I really rather liked the outcome. But something always brings me back to my old ways, and here I am, a full grown woman who still bites her nails.
Oh well… moving on.

2. I have this crazy need to keep my hair off of the back of my neck. It’s the top reason why I haven’t grown it back out, well, one of the top reasons. The other top reason is that I just really, really like short hair. But seriously… what is it about hair on the back on the neck that just drives me nuts?

3. Currently, I drink too much Dr. Pepper. Like 2 3 cans a day, at least. And the worst part is that I haven’t been keeping up on my water intake too. Just DP for me. I used to be a water only gal, but all of a sudden I want soda all day, every day. What is that all about?

What about you?
What are your top three worst traits?
Tell us in the comments below.

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