wanna workout with me?

 Wanna workout with SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

On April 6th, I’m planning to start my very first round of the 21 Day Fix, which I am super excited about! Would you like to do this round with me? The Fitness accountability groups that I host are super fun and uplifting. We spend the entire first week working on our mental preparedness and getting into the right state of mind so we are making a true change and not just wishing on a star. There are opportunities to win prizes, and I just love being able to spoil you guys!
Plus, it’s like extra motivation to show up each day and do the challenges!

The 21 day fix program comes with a complete meal planning guide, portion control containers + 8 amazing workouts to whip these beautiful bodies of ours into the very best shape possible in only 21 days! And when you couple this program with my accountability workshop we are setting you on a path to a lifestyle change that will stick!

These groups are way more fun with friends, so will you be my workout buddies?
Would you be interested in joining with me?

Drop your email in the comments below for more info., or click on the photo above to receive your personal consultation.

Let’s make this bikini season the very best one yet! <3


anxiously engaged


After 32 days of straight rain the sun finally broke through and blessed the Bay Area with a warm sunny day. It was the perfect day for sight seeing in the city and doing all the tourist-y things we hadn’t done since we were kids. We visited the wax museum, Ripley’s believe it or not, dined at The Rainforest cafe, and to top it all off we went up to the top of Coit Tower and enjoyed the beautiful view of the city and the bay.

It was there, at the top of the world, where he quietly bent over and whispered in my ear that he had a confession to make…

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Natural ways to beat the afternoon slump

Natural ways to beat the afternoon slump

Too often at work I find my energy levels taking a serious nose dive in the early afternoon. My body is working hard to digest all of the yummy proteins and foods from lunch and all the blood is rushing to my tummy to help it out. Which makes me a wee bit sleepy. Are you nodding your head right now and thinking ‘yup, I know that feeling’.

Well let’s find out how to beat that afternoon slump!

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Sunday style

Sunday Style - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

It’s easy to loose track of oneself amongst the squabbling children and rush of the clock. I’m so grateful for a husband who rushes the kiddos out to the car a few minutes early so that I can spend those precious last moments finally taking care of me.

I’m grateful that even though we’re typically running late he doesn’t put up a fuss when I very shyly ask him to take a few silly pictures. And I love the way he stops and tells me how pretty I am as he leans in to give me a kiss.  [Read more…]