We picked up a large flat of raspberries at Costco this past week, like we often do. But this week I had the hankering to make some muffins with that giant clamshell of tastiness, so that’s exactly what the Q dude and I did.

I chose this recipe because of it’s amazing crumbled looking top, and when I read through the ingredients it called for wheat flour. I have to level with you guys… I have never used wheat flour before, in my life. I’ve had a bag of it sitting in my cupboard for far too long, so I figured I might as well use it before it goes bad on me… or something. I was very pleasantly surprised! Both by how yummy and dense the wheat flour made this recipe, and by how perfectly crumbly the topping turned out. [Read more...]



I know, I know… wasn’t ALT SF like 2 3 weeks ago?
Yes. I know, sheesh…

I could say it was a lot to take in, and properly digest, and that as a creative individual I just simply couldn’t be rushed to post about it when I wasn’t quite ready. And part of that would be true, but the rest of the truth would be that I’ve been beyond busy lately. Like, HUGE life changes for our little family as well as the Westover Family at large. And when big things happen I can almost litterally feel the creative juices being sucked right out of me. Which is probably why I choose to clean when I’m stressed… it’s about as non-creative as you can get.

But, I digress…
This is truly a fantastic recap of the speakers from ALT SF. *wink, wink*

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We had some friends over for dinner on Sunday. It’s become a tradition that I have to try out a new recipe on unsuspecting victims our dinner guests, so I simply couldn’t disappoint. But I also couldn’t do any shopping for it and I invited them very last minute, so I went digging through the cupboards and surfing on the food network site, and this is what I came up with.

I am very happy to report that I LOVED it!
Eric said it was ‘good’ and I didn’t try it on the babies or Quinn, mostly because I didn’t want it all over the floor while we had guests over… but they will be testing out the leftovers throughout the week.

// Find the recipe after the jump…

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ikat_sunday1 ikat_sunday2

Are you as in love with Ikat as I am these days?

This tunic spoke to me in ways only it could, when I lightly brushed against it in passing. It gave me a little shock, as most fabulous things do, and demanded my attention with that electric shock of yellow running perfectly through it’s spectacular blue and white pattern. Yup, it was infatuation at first glance. It also happens to be one part of my super comfy Alt SF outfit, but I still need to properly recap that now don’t I. Darn you Ikat top for reminding me just how behind I currently am…

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