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Truth: sitting down and writing, really writing, is really hard to do with kids. But somehow we crazy bloggers manage to find a moment to do it. And often-times those moments are anything but quiet and distraction free. The TV might be blaring as the chosen method of distraction, or the guy behind you at Starbucks might be taking a phone call a bit too loudly… whatever the circumstances it is sometimes difficult to get ‘in the zone’ with writing.

A few months back I read a post about this same issue over on Jenni’s blog and she offered up a great app called OmmWriter. Every now and then you come across something that you just need to rave about and this app is something I want to share with ya’ll. I simply love and adore the simplicity of this app so much that I wish I could use it for everything I do on my computer. [Read more...]



Sometimes, some blissful times, these two little monkeys of mine give me the best Sunday present of all. They fall asleep. At church.

It is amazing to hold a sleeping baby while listening to the messages of the Lord’s servants. I remember being newly weds of two-ish years, baby hungry and longing with all my heart to start our own family. My sweet friend would let me hold her sleeping baby all through Sunday school and I remember feeling so close to the Spirit during those meetings. While staring lovingly and longingly at that perfect little bundle of joy. Smelling her sweet baby smell, feeling her soft baby breathing. It filled my heart with such joy and happiness that I was remiss to return her at the end of the meeting, and impatient to return the following week.

When we finally had our own babies the same feelings of joy and closeness with the spirit  were apparent in my life. I didn’t think it was possible to become even more close until we brought the twins home [Read more...]