Registration is now open

March 23rd workshop registration now open!

Once a month, for a very short period of time, I open up registration for the Fit and Fashionable workshops. These are 21 day workshops where we deep dive into nutrition, fitness and personal development and form those amazing habits that are sustainable long after the workshop has ended.

I’m happy to announce that Registration is NOW OPEN!

So here’s what you need to do to get in this workshop now:
Start by watching this short video
& clicking on the link below.


Click here to register now for the March 23rd workshop.
Registration will close on Sunday the 22nd.


3 tips on building self confidence


Coaching changes lives.
From your own, to your family’s, and to those you help.
It’s about making a difference, living a healthier lifestyle, setting goals, achieving those goals, and paying it forward.

So now it’s time for me to Pay it Forward. I’ve struggled in the past with finding my niche and because of that feel that I’ve often delivered ‘sub par’ content on this beautiful blog. But today I am proud to stand before you with this new and exciting blog dedicated to Family, Fitness, Health and of course, fashion. And what better way to kick if off than with some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned as a coach,
about love and self confidence.

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A little change goes a long way


I woke up with all three littles in my bed this morning. Elbows were flying everywhere and when someone’s foot made contact with my head I admittedly lost it and kicked them all out. I immediately felt a huge wave of guilt and frustration with myself.


I took a minute during church to contemplate on that frustrating moment this morning and realized my mistake. I realized that I have been looking too inwardly lately. Too self centered and too self focused. Somewhere this week I lost my main focus and goal, which is to show love always. To love my children and my husband unconditionally and to put them first in all things, which sometimes oddly means putting myself first. It means taking a minute or 30 to physically and mentally prepare myself for the day and for my role in it.

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A few silly ramblings

hello march

First off, hello MARCH!
How did that happen, already?!?

Secondly – My little baby boy turned 5 this past weekend. FIVE!
I am still sitting here in shock over the sheer fact that I have a 5 year old. It just can’t be, he was my baby just yesterday!

Third – I’m still looking for some awesome ladies or gents to come join my coaching team. I’ll be hosting a FREE behind the scenes glance into the day to day and what exactly coaching ISĀ starting on Monday the 9th. Won’t you join me? Shoot me an email for more info –

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