The results are in

The results from our 7 day planking challenge group are in!

I feel so blessed to be able give my heart so fully to coaching and to have so many amazing women in these groups with me. They lift me higher and fill my bucket so much I can hardly stand it sometimes. Thank you all for such an amazing week and for getting my core back into action. Now, onto a fresh round of PiYo and a fresh month of the Shakeology challenge!

Watch all the way to end for a special little treat.

Costco:1 / Westovers:0


I’ve been avoiding posting this photo for 3 weeks now, because it still gives me the creepy crawlies to think about it. And here’s the story why:

We had decided to do dinner at Costco after doing the shopping and the kiddos didn’t hold out very well for us. They wouldn’t stay seated, wouldn’t actually eat much and made more noise and mess than the whole affair was worth. And at the very end of it all Rhys spilled his soda all over the floor and he and Avery both tried to ‘help’ dad clean it up. During all of the commotion I finally ended up picking up Avery to help keep her out of the puddle and I noticed Rhys sneaking awayfrom the corner of my eye. He was moving slow and toward the interior of the wear-house so I didn’t think too much of it as I turned to get a  visual on Quinn.

Of course Quinn was being a punk and decided to start running toward the front door. Again, he’s a smart big kid and knows to stop at the entry door so I didn’t worry about him as I grabbed the cart and left Eric to go look for Rhys, who I now couldn’t see anywhere….

My heart started to race just that little bit that a mom’s heart does when she instinctively knows something’s off… I quickly yelled down to Quinn and asked him where his brother was to which he shrugged his shoulders, and then I saw him. IN THE PARKING LOT being chased after by one of the shopping cart workers.

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Life around here lately / In pictures


Long time, no see. I sure have missed this space.

I wanted to check in and see how y’all are doing? Are you setting goals and crushing them? We just reached a HUGE one on our list… you’ll see it toward the bottom of this post.

Just wanted to tell you how much I love you. Have a super star day!!! <3

just love,

IMG_3178 IMG_3180

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