Oh how lovely is the New Year!
I hope you will forgive me for taking such a looooong unannounced break. It was needed, and refreshingly amazing. I woke up on Wednesday morning, with the new year, a new woman. Setting goals and making lists has always been my thing, and jotting down a few goals for ourselves this year was a fun exercise for The Hubs and I. We were on the same page for just about everything!

I have this dream of one day owning a home furnishings store. Just a little something up on the Washington coast. I can see it so clearly in my mind… perhaps it will be my retirement dream. Perhaps it will be my 10 year dream, who knows. The one thing I do know is that someday, it will happen. It’s just one of those things, ya know.

In the mean time, I like to keep an eye on the latest Interior trends. Let’s take a peek at what this new year and new month has to offer.

athena1. Athena Calderon’s Roundup
Athena, from EyeSwoon, created a fab little latests trends round up over on

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We are two weeks out from these little rug rat’s official entry date into Nursery, so yesterday we decided to give it a test run.

We did this with Quinn too and it proved to be a great way to help them transition. We started a few weeks before Quinn’s official date and would both go to Nursery with him and spend the entire time in there helping him play with toys, playing nicely with the other kiddos, and getting the general feel for the routine. When the time finally came that we were able to officially drop him off and run, he was the one doing the running.

And so, we began the same routine with the twins, hoping for the same results. And truth be told, with the way things went I’m pretty sure we could have dropped and ran without any issues.

These two are simply amazing.

2013-12-08-10.51.53 2013-12-08-11.05.14

Happy Thursday!
And, Happy New Year!

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