A few silly ramblings

hello march

First off, hello MARCH!
How did that happen, already?!?

Secondly – My little baby boy turned 5 this past weekend. FIVE!
I am still sitting here in shock over the sheer fact that I have a 5 year old. It just can’t be, he was my baby just yesterday!

Third – I’m still looking for some awesome ladies or gents to come join my coaching team. I’ll be hosting a FREE behind the scenes glance into the day to day and what exactly coaching IS starting on Monday the 9th. Won’t you join me? Shoot me an email for more info – kelly@kellywestover.com

And now, it’s time for an awesome photo dump… [Read more…]

Do Work

Do Work!


Good afternoon loves! Its a beautiful day to do some WORK! Who got up early today to work it? Who’s going to hit it hard later tonight with me? Who needs a little accountability to get them there?

How would you love to be part of a group of ladies who all working toward a similar goal? Who are all cheering each other on and holding each other accountable?! And trust me, its just as amazing as it sounds!

Find me on Instagram @sffitmom for more info.
And be sure to sign up for the weekly mailing list for your chance to win the prize!

The results are in

The results from our 7 day planking challenge group are in!

I feel so blessed to be able give my heart so fully to coaching and to have so many amazing women in these groups with me. They lift me higher and fill my bucket so much I can hardly stand it sometimes. Thank you all for such an amazing week and for getting my core back into action. Now, onto a fresh round of PiYo and a fresh month of the Shakeology challenge!

Watch all the way to end for a special little treat.