I was a swimmer all growing up. Did I tell you guys that?
Well I was. Skinny chicken legs, lean arms and ghetto booty. I was quite the site – although I’m most likely the only person who would have called it a ghetto booty. Because I’m a silly girl with a silly skewed perspective on what a ghetto booty is. But seriously when you’re one of the skinniest persons on the swim team AND you have the largest rear end, you start to gain a bit of a complex…Oh and those silly magazines with the silly twiggy girls looking all moody and brooding just to sell you a stick of chapstick…
the point has run away from me, or with me… depending on how you look at it.

Anyway guys, it’s like 12:30 in the am and it is waaaaaay too late to pull together a respectable post of any kind. But somehow I’m strangely proud of how this is going. Maybe I’ll stay just a bit longer and see if anything comes of it…


I have no idea what her name is… the girl from Zombie Land – which incidentally is freaking hilarious! I highly recommend it’s really, really, really dumb humor to anyone looking for really, really, really dumb humor in their life – and The Help.
I like her.
What is her name???

And that’s all I’ve got.
Until the next life, ya’ll.

just love // kelly

\\ //   \\ //   \\ //



PS – I’m retiring the xoxo sign off.
at least for now.
Time for something new…

Are we connected?


ball gown, room | westover manor

I host fancy black-tie parties,
wear cocktail dresses
and have a chauffeur.
peaceful, jazzy | westover manorI enjoy long walks through central park,
own a brownstone clad in vintage pieces,
vacation to Paris every year.
striking, oriental | westover manorThe orient fascinates me,
their love of the color red,
their masculine architecture,
their perfect symmetry.

In another life.


images here and here


frecklesIn another life,
I have long flowing hair.
Sun kissed skin.
Freckles for days.

freckles_brownI live on the beach.
Taste the salty sea daily.
Feel the sand in my toes.

FRECKLES + BRAIDS | westover manorThe cure for anything is salt water –
Sweat, Tears or the Sea.
-Isak Dinesen

In another life.

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