I’ve been making a much bigger point lately to really slow down and take everything in. Enjoy the smiles, the hugs, the kisses. To get down on the floor and roll around with the babies, to tickle them and relish in the pure joy of their giggles. To be as the clothing line Sonnet James put it ‘more playful’ with my children.

And more than that, to pause to capture the moment, if only with my faulty polaroid of a memory bank.
But definitely with a camera whenever I can.

I took the photo above during a recent family shoot and when the mom saw it she said ‘you captured him perfectly’. I managed to capture that one pure moment of playful bliss while chasing him around that day.

These are the types of memories and moments I want to always remember, and that I try so hard to capture with my camera.
These are the things I’m trying harder to fall in love with over and over again.

Maybe you’ve seen this article circling Facebook lately. I love what she has to say here about her daughter teaching her to slow down and enjoy life. How that one moment of clarity really struck her and made her realize she needed to change and allow her child to learn and grow at her own pace and not rush her along just to follow the agenda.
I used to think that families who were always late were lazy or needed to ‘get with it’ a little more. But now I see more clearly. Now I see that they are they the ones willing to sacrifice the schedule for the individual needs. That maybe they are the ones more ‘with it’ than the rest of us.

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I am such a sucker for Pottery Barn, so when they announced their new PB Dorm I fell in love immediately. The vibrant colors and swanky look of these ‘dorm’ rooms has me *almost* wishing I were back in college. Can you imagine having a dorm room like this? I never would have wanted to leave it.

The natural light in these photos is enough to make me swoon. It reminds me of my room at Southern Virginia University. It had amazingly high ceilings, great natural light and the same dark wood and higher learning vibe to it.

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… to say I am freaking out over Alt SF would be an understatement. But dudes, I am FREAKING OUT!
And when I freak out, I do what I do best… I create. Right now, I’m creating a website for the photo biz I’m starting up.
I’m working on the branding for a super awesome local flooring company,
and I just wrapped up the biz cards & FB Cover image for another super awesome client who is a super awesome film, yes real film, photographer.

Also, I am fully procrastinating unpacking and properly blogging about last weeks Westover Mania. And you know what? I am totally okay with that. Except for the smell of funk my car is now taking on from the mashed up crackers and who knows what other snack items are littered all over it’s poor floors… I’m just gunna give myself some good old fashion decompress and create time. So there.

The best part of it all? I get to introduce you to our new Friday link up… Loving Lately. Just Dawnelle & I have paired up with Lish from Imprintalish and mashed our lovely link ups together to bring you one super awesome place to share your loves. And with that I want to know… what are you loving lately?
Or freaking out about and fully procrastinating? Because those totally count too! 😉
Also, stop by and say hi to our Guest Host this week… Emily from The Freckled Fox.