When is a dress not a dress? When you throw a tunic over it and wear it like a skirt!

I think I rather like this ensemble. I especially love how the Q dude and I match so perfectly. Tell me, other twins moms of this world wide web… do you often, always, or never ‘match’ your twins? If you have boy/girl twins like me do you coordinate their outfits? I almost never do, and when I do it’s usually by accident. But I rather loved it the other day when Avery was wearing her blue polka dots with the yellow flower, and Rhys was wearing his yellow shirt with a blue checkered hat, and am now seriously considering doing it more often. (riving stuff here, I know.) [Read more…]


ikat_sunday1 ikat_sunday2

Are you as in love with Ikat as I am these days?

This tunic spoke to me in ways only it could, when I lightly brushed against it in passing. It gave me a little shock, as most fabulous things do, and demanded my attention with that electric shock of yellow running perfectly through it’s spectacular blue and white pattern. Yup, it was infatuation at first glance. It also happens to be one part of my super comfy Alt SF outfit, but I still need to properly recap that now don’t I. Darn you Ikat top for reminding me just how behind I currently am…

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