Life around here lately

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I think I’m done apologizing for being MIA, and I don’t mean that in a ‘I don’t care’ kind of way. Quite the opposite. I mean it in a ‘I’m living my life and loving it, and sometimes that’s really busy’ kind way. So to me, that means I’ll be in and out and that’s just fine by me.

Life is so interesting sometimes, don’t you think? One minute you’re plugging along and things are going smoothly, and the next minute BAM! A giant curve ball gets thrown your way. I felt that way about a month ago when our new and super awesome nanny gave notice after only 1 month. It was turning out to be too much for her to take on the duties of her own family and mine, so she needed to take back her time. And I totally respect that, but ouch did that one sting a good bit. We only had 4 days to find a replacement, so I sent a little plea up to heaven and hopped onto my giant support system – aka Facebook and you guys. And at that same time I was struck with a very strong impression that I shouldn’t need to do this. I shouldn’t need to find someone else to rely on to watch and care for my children, because I should be doing that. And ouch, did that one sting too. [Read more…]

Dubs in Virginia – Shirley plantation and horseback riding


On the James River sits the oldest plantation in Virginia History, The Shirley Plantation. A beautiful home rich with history and a direct link from the past, present and future. The upper levels of the home its self are still lived in by direct descendants of the Carter family blood line-going strong for 11 generations. But the lower level of the home is open for tours and filled with original furnishings, family portraits and beautiful architecture.

This was Quinn’s first ‘historical landmark’ tour and for being the wiggle worm that he is, he handled it swimmingly. No furniture was destroyed, no paintings knocked over and he even asked some of the best questions of the tour. Afterward, he proceeded to be our ‘tour guide’ for the rest of the grounds, particularly the garden. He showed us where all the best hiding spots were and took us through the secret passage into… the rest of the garden. Oh the awesome imagination of a four year old. What a beautiful thing it is.


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