all about the shoes

Banana Republic Peekaboo booties - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

Sometimes it all about the shoes. These peek-a-boo booties from Banana Republic had my name written all over them during the friends and family sale this past month. Arn’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Which shoes are you totally crushing over right now?

Did you know that I host a Fit Fashion round up on Fridays?

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Sunday style

Sunday Style - SF Fit Mom - Kelly Westover

It’s easy to loose track of oneself amongst the squabbling children and rush of the clock. I’m so grateful for a husband who rushes the kiddos out to the car a few minutes early so that I can spend those precious last moments finally taking care of me.

I’m grateful that even though we’re typically running late he doesn’t put up a fuss when I very shyly ask him to take a few silly pictures. And I love the way he stops and tells me how pretty I am as he leans in to give me a kiss.  [Read more…]



When is a dress not a dress? When you throw a tunic over it and wear it like a skirt!

I think I rather like this ensemble. I especially love how the Q dude and I match so perfectly. Tell me, other twins moms of this world wide web… do you often, always, or never ‘match’ your twins? If you have boy/girl twins like me do you coordinate their outfits? I almost never do, and when I do it’s usually by accident. But I rather loved it the other day when Avery was wearing her blue polka dots with the yellow flower, and Rhys was wearing his yellow shirt with a blue checkered hat, and am now seriously considering doing it more often. (riving stuff here, I know.) [Read more…]