Oh my dears… what a week this has been. We are finally over the sickness hill and thank heaven for that. A week and a half indoors with three sickos under three… it gets very interesting. And there is way too much tv time!

I fell hard core for all the baby leggings running around the blogg-isphere these days. You can take a DIY approach or pretend like you don’t have a sewing machine collecting dust in your closet, like I do, and order a few of these bad boys. Either way, they are the inspiration for today’s wallpapers.

Enjoy my dears!
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just love // kelly


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It’s the final count down to love day. Do you have your presents yet? Are they wrapped and waiting patiently in their super secret hiding spots. Did you make that reservation yet? And call that florist?

Yeah, me neither.

But hey, here’s some new desktop wallpaper to get us in the mood!!!

just love // kelly

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