Our first date. By Eric Westover


The hubs and I went over to our friends house this past week for a couple’s Valentine’s day party. It was sooo much fun. Like, roll me home because I ate way too much and possibly peed my pants kind of fun.

We started off by introducing each other, which got very interesting. Middle names were involved along with embarrassing childhood stories… I know my friends so much better now! Plus it was fun to hear what Eric see’s as the introduction appropriate details…

One of the games we played required the boys to draw our first dates. As you can see, Eric is quite the artist. Watch out MOMA I foresee a new stick figure show coming your way real soon. *wink wink*
Because I know you’re all trying to figure out what the heck he’s drawn up there… well, our first date consisted of a movie – Kung Fu Hustle – and then a few rounds of pool at the local billiards. And then, at the end of the night I did the classic Hitch move and jiggled my keys, and NOTHING HAPPENED!!! He tells me later that he hadn’t yet seen the movie Hitch because it came out while he was on his mission. Also, For the record, this was our first official date, but we’d been on many a group date previously. I am a lady after all.

At the very end of it all the boys read us ladies poems that they’d written beforehand, and we all turned into puddles. It was quite easily one of the funnest Valentine’s day parties I’ve attended. Thanks for having us Melita!!!


Eric’s poem to his silly love bug – hey, that’s me! //

10 Things I love About You

I love that when you work you hum an unrecognizable song
I love that you always look so beautiful whether your hair is short or long
I love that you introduce me to new foods like salads and couscous
I love how you can tell the difference between regular green and chartreuse
I love how patient you are when our kids for hours have been whalin’
I love how when I ask you, “Kelly who sings this song?”, you always guess VanHalen
I love how I can hear you giggling while watching TV when you think you’re the only one awake in the house
I love the holiday traditions you bring like cinnamon rolls and santa mouse
I love the fact that you succeed no matter the size of the endeavor
But most of all, I love the fact that we have each other forever.

just love // kelly


HEART NAIL ART DIY | westover manor

It’s the home stretch to Valentine’s Day, so I figured we should wrap it up with a little nail art.
I am way into nail polish at the moment… mostly because it’s the only thing keeping me from obsessively biting my nails, like usual. I’ve gone almost a full month without taking my nails down to the numbs, so I am very pleased to be able to show them off to you today!

tools //
Nail File
Paint brush with a pointy tip
Red & White nail polish
Base coat
Top coat

how to //
Begin by sculpting your nails with the nail file.
Paint on your base coat, followed by one to two coats of red nail polish. Ensure that the red is very dry so it won’t accidentally get in your white nail polish.
Using the paint brush make a V shape with the white nail polish.
Go over the V a few times to fill it in, or carefully wiggle the paint brush a bit to give each half of the V a thicker, more heart shaped look.
Allow the heart to dry and paint on your top coat.


Happy Valentines Day!

just love // kelly

PS – Find a few valentine’s day themed desktop wallpapers over here.

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Oh… you guys! I am just not feeling it today. Yesterday I as all like yay for love day, but today I’m all like I’d rather just go shopping. I don’t know what happened… lack of sleep, maybe? Or, maybe it was a lack of Dr. Peppers. Yup that must have been it. I did only have two yesterday unlike the day before when I chugged three and then snuck in another one after everyone had gone to bed. If no one sees you drinking it does it really count?
Oh my gosh… do I sound like an addict???
That’s fitting, I guess.

For the record I want every. single. stinking. item. on this list. It totally takes me back to my mismatched jelly shoes days. Do you remember those shoes? They were so hip and yet so silly all at the same time. They were the predecessors to crocs – plastic shoes that they were. I would wear one hot pink jelly and one black jelly and I would rock those mismatched shoes like nobody’s business. I also wore mismatched socks, and not always on purpose. Mostly because I could just never find the other half to the pair. Which is probably why my mom started buying plain white socks after a while.

Enjoy your pre Valentines mad dash to the shop around the corner to find that perfect something for your perfect someone. Or, … you could do what I did a few years ago…just sayin’.

just love // kelly

PS – Find the glasses here.