that one time eric graduated

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It happened!

This family has spent the last three years undergoing the transformation of a lifetime. aka Grad school. And this past weekend it all came to a very happy ending.

Grad dinner

Complete with trumpet fan fare, tears of joy, tears of pride and just lots of tears, Eric walked on stage, received his diploma and in typical fashion had his head cut off by the photographer for his ‘official’ graduation photo. He’s six-foot-eight people, adjust your effing camera’s eh?! Luckily the entire family was there with many a back-up camera in hand so I’m confident we have a great shot somewhere.

Graduation | Dec 10,2011

My sisterchristy, my MIL, and myself pulled together a family and close friends luncheon with a menu to die for. It was so tasty, I’m going to have to keep this one in my back pocket for the next big affair.

Siblings and the graduate

The menu: Pulled pork sandwiches, Orzo pasta salad, Greek salad, sautéed mushroom bread bites and lots and lots of sparkling beverages. Complete with Tootsie pops and Tootsie rolls galore, since they’re Eric’s favorite sweet.
My mind was obviously in other places so I have no photos of the food, or the after party, but I do have it permanently burned into my memory bank. This was a day to go down in the history books people!

Graduation | Dec 10,2011

Congrats Eric! You’ve definitely earned it. 

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