the rule of three

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I spy with my little eye...
I was just mostly joking about the rule of three comment the other day, but apparently the universe and He had other thoughts on the matter. I went in for my first ultrasound yesterday. It went a bit like this:
Sitting in the room, patiently waiting for the PA to come in. I send Eric a quick text
Apparently they’re doing an ultrasound today, not just blood work. I’ll send you pictures.
Cool. Was his response.
In walks the PA and her list of 20 questions that she has to ask about my health history. Ten minutes later she dims the lights, properly oozes up my belly and grabs the wand. My eyes are locked on the screen as I prep my iPhone for the picture taking craze.
The wand touches the belly and the PA asks
Do you see what I see?

Is that two? I exclaim with awe and excitement in my voice. 
Yes, that’s two. Two separate sacks, which means they’re fraternal twins. 

Holy crap!  I think to myself as I stare in awe at the screen. Twins!
I mention that they don’t run on either sides of either families. 
Well, they have to start somewhere. She remarks.
We listen to baby A’s heartbeat. Very strong, very perfect. We listen to baby B’s heartbeat. Exactly the same. Two healthy babies measuring spot on for 14 weeks. 
My cheeks were sore and my mind reeling as I walked out to the car with my ultrasound photo in hand. I grabbed my phone and called Eric the moment I was securely in the vehicle.
Hi babe, how ya doin’? I ask very casually.
Pretty good, just finishing up my break. He replies.
Well the visit went really well. The babies look really good….

Are you serious? He exclaims. Immediately picking up the plural in babies.
Yes. We’re having twins! I exclaim.
Holy crap! …. Oh my gosh….. And a bit more stunned proclamations were made. Followed by
Well, drive safe, I’m going to go find a solitary room and scream for a moment. He says casually freaked out but very excitedly. 
Okay, have fun! I respond, as I put the car into gear and drive away.
Twins! We’re having twins!

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