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Oh… you guys! I am just not feeling it today. Yesterday I as all like yay for love day, but today I’m all like I’d rather just go shopping. I don’t know what happened… lack of sleep, maybe? Or, maybe it was a lack of Dr. Peppers. Yup that must have been it. I did only have two yesterday unlike the day before when I chugged three and then snuck in another one after everyone had gone to bed. If no one sees you drinking it does it really count?
Oh my gosh… do I sound like an addict???
That’s fitting, I guess.

For the record I want every. single. stinking. item. on this list. It totally takes me back to my mismatched jelly shoes days. Do you remember those shoes? They were so hip and yet so silly all at the same time. They were the predecessors to crocs – plastic shoes that they were. I would wear one hot pink jelly and one black jelly and I would rock those mismatched shoes like nobody’s business. I also wore mismatched socks, and not always on purpose. Mostly because I could just never find the other half to the pair. Which is probably why my mom started buying plain white socks after a while.

Enjoy your pre Valentines mad dash to the shop around the corner to find that perfect something for your perfect someone. Or, … you could do what I did a few years ago…just sayin’.

just love // kelly

PS – Find the glasses here.

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