Merry Christmas & Happy New Year / From the Westovers

Westover Xmas 2014 - Westover Manor Photography

Every year I wrangle my heard of cats kiddos, dress them up – kicking and screaming – in clothes that they don’t really care for and drive us out to the middle of nowhere to take photos. And every year my trusty ti-pod (or sister) just barely manage to get a shot of all of us in focus. And in all honestly, I LOVE it. I love how crazy my family is and how we don’t turn it on or off for anything. We simply are.

This year was no exception, but for some reason it was easier. I may have just jinxed myself, but taking photos this year was actually pretty painless. Maybe it’s because they are all getting older and are showing off their personalities more. Maybe it’s because the day and time and distance of the moon were just right… or maybe it was all a fluke. But whatever it might have been I am super excited to have these beauties as my art pieces this year. [Read more…]

Kitchen declutter group / in progress update


We’re 2 days into our 5 day kitchen declutter group over on Facebook and I am LOVING the results so far. I have more room, feel more accomplished and can actually FIND things when I need them. Who knew that’s where I put that bottle! lol. These progress pics make me giddy with excitement to do the rest of this challenge!

I am seriously so proud of all the ladies in the group with who are also working hard on bettering themselves and their spaces. A clean and fit home really does help fuel a clean and fit lifestyle. <3