here’s to you + we’re having…

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To Caffeine Free Coke for giving me my soda fix without the unnecessary stuff.

To noise cancelling Bose headphones that allow Eric or I to tune out for at least one online shows worth of time. And then switch.

To for allowing us to purchase dirt cheap SF Giants tickets for next week.Whoop!

Spread the love. #chiropractic #ssp @midblock17

To this last week of having Eric home with us before he’s off to join the working force.

To the awesome lab tech who took her dear sweet time with us today to make sure our twins are coming
along just fine.

Here’s to you!

And now,

that moment.
The one where we can finally announce what sexes the twins are…



We’re having one of each!
Mom-tuition is good! 

They look very healthy and are measuring spot on for our due date.

Thanks for all the good vibes and fun guesses.
From our house to yours,
Happy Thursday!

Shirt: H&M Vest: F21 Pants: Motherhood Hairclip: Target
PS. No, we don’t have names chosen, yet.
We didn’t settle on Quinn’s name until we finally met him
and we’ll most likely do the same with these two.

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