mama dub style :: 22 weeks

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Happy Friday!
One more week under our belts – literally for me. 
22 weeks and counting can you believe it? 

-I had two very successful phone interviews with a company in Emeryville this week. Wish me luck!
-I have a doctors appointment on Monday to interpret the big mama ultrasound we did two weeks ago. And hear their beautiful heartbeats again.
-Quinn testing out his Alphabet sounds with Sesame Street.
-Freelance work for great friends.
-Making fliers for Eric and handing them out. Who knew that could be so much fun!?!
-Fish. Still craving lots of fish. I’m eating my maximum amount of tuna each week and I still want more!
-Pesto. Good thing I bought the Costco size bottle!
-Tomatoes. Come on tomato plants, grooooooow!
Flyer drops. Gotta love em! #chiropractic
(What you can’t see on the bottom of this flier…)
Dr. Eric Westover DC
at Cusack Chiropractic
2801 Ygnacio Valley Rd., Suite B
*most insurances accepted
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  • An enormous virtual hug from the Dubs Crew!

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