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Oh my dears… what a week this has been. We are finally over the sickness hill and thank heaven for that. A week and a half indoors with three sickos under three… it gets very interesting. And there is way too much tv time!

I fell hard core for all the baby leggings running around the blogg-isphere these days. You can take a DIY approach or pretend like you don’t have a sewing machine collecting dust in your closet, like I do, and order a few of these bad boys. Either way, they are the inspiration for today’s wallpapers.

Enjoy my dears!
Oh, and I won’t be requiring a like to download anymore, but I sure would appreciate a little social love if you do decided to use them.
Be sure to tag me so I can give you a proper thanks!!!

PS – Don’t miss this week’s giveaway! Only 3 days left!!!

just love // kelly


Click to download Green Chevrons Wallpaper


Click to download Pink Plus Background


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