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He's just too cute sometimes. #masterquinn #kids

Today is the very last day at the office. I have no settled plan, no settled job, no settled income. But I have a feeling. That warm fuzzy feeling that everything is going to be okay. That I’m doing the right thing and that things will simply work out. They might be hard, they might be very hard, but they will be okay. That’s what my heart and soul keep telling me.

And so, today is my last day at the office. I have one last project to wrap up, one last chart to update, and one last status document to make sure is in order. One last lunch with my fellow contractors, one last group check-in, one last personal check-in with my boss. And then I will pack up my Trader Joe’s bag with all of my pens and sticky notes, my mouse pads and water bottles. I will wipe my computer clean and I will walk to my car from this office for the last time.

I feel immense joy, and fear and panic, but mostly joy. Bring on the freelance work and the odd jobs. The time with my boy and my growing babies. The time to properly clean my house and plant my garden. And hopefully pay the bills somewhere in there too.

I was originally toying with the idea of becoming a nanny again. For a small family with maybe two kids. I could have still fit two kids in my Camry, that is until we found out about the twins. Now? Now I’m seriously rethinking this idea. I still love kids, I still want to help them learn and grow, but I mostly want to just focus on my own children right now. And see how that goes.

Happy Friday!

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